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Herb Garden

Herb Garden

In the words of Frank Sinatra...the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful...this is very true this time of year. So whilst you are outside in the bracing conditions and huddling up to your delightful outdoor oven try and start thinking about the warmer months to come and consider planning a herb garden.

The very fact you chose cheapoutdoorovens to supply you with a quality, but affordable outdoor pizza oven product makes us think that our customers are pretty savvy when it comes to how they spend their hard earned remuneration. So we're encouraging folk to make the most of the whole alfresco dining experience by expanding or creating a herb garden. Also, planting herbs in containers and hanging baskets are as equally a cost effective way to compliment your outdoor cooking experience. We'll keep updating you with innovative and space saving ideas when planting times are ideal.

So firstly let’s get musing...

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Most of us don't have a meandering expanse of gardens to choose where to place a herb garden, if you do, make sure the site isn't too far from your cooking hub. When you get your creative flourishes you don't want to ruin the spontaneity of just reaching out and snapping of a rosemary sprig here or tearing a handful of basil there with a long walk in-between.

Secondly, you most probably would've chosen a nice sunny spot for your oven to be housed, or near to sunny spot. Basically, a sunny or partially shady spot in the garden is a good place to start. If you have pets, dogs in particular, will get their noses into everything interesting, so maybe consider hanging herb baskets. Having them elevated keeps them away from leg cocking and nosey noses.

As you would've guessed, the minimal daylight hours and low temperatures this time of year means that you shouldn't plant tender herbs out now. So concentrate on creating a fertile, free-draining loam with a neutral to alkaline soil is best suited to herbs. By adding organic compost you can help improve most soils and aid neutralisation. Most of the common herbs like thyme, rosemary, sage, winter savoury and marjoram are native to the Mediterranean, so they like similar conditions to those they originated in.

Having said all this it is more ideal to start even earlier. Way back in November is best, especially if you have clay soil. By doing all this soil preparation and planning now should give your plot time to weather through the cold conditions to come until spring. The constant freezing and thawing process breaks down all the organic matter and clodds of soil creating a perfect environment for new tender roots to grow when the soil begins to warm up in the months to come. Start deciding what you want to grow or plant now so you are ready for sowing or buying in early spring.