Why does it take so long for delivery?

Our quality ovens are hand made to order in our Southern European factory. The whole process of building and treating the ovens takes time, afterwhich the delivery is arranged with an international courier so that the order is delivered directly to the customer. Good things take time, so having to wait a few more days for a good quality product that will wow your friends and family is in our opinion, a small price to pay. 

Do I need to do anything different the first time I want to use my oven?

Once you receive the oven, please be aware that they need to be tempered to remove the humidity mainly due to shipping and climate change so please perform a couple of single log burns to do so. Please also ensure your ovens are covered and shielded from the rain, frost and snow using a permanent structure and/or a cover similar to a BBQ cover for example.

Does the oven need any maintenance?

Ideally the ovens should be "built in", which means they should be covered with brick or stone in order to give it longevity and low maintenance but if you choose not to do so then you may need to apply some oven sealant every few months to maintain it's quality as the one applied will start fading due to the temperature changes Countries like the UK are accustomed to. Also note that sometimes it is normal for small cracks to appear, these will not affect the performance of the ovens.

Can my friends and I lift the oven?

The ovens weigh anywhere between 500Kg and 900Kg which if people were to lift would require 10 extremely strong and willing volunteers. There is a much easier way, there are 4 hooks built in to the base of the oven from which you could lift it using something like an engine hoist or floor crane. Other options include a scissor lift table which can all be hired from places like HSS or a local tool hire store. We also have customers who get builders in to do the move as they tend to have access to such equipment anyway.

We provide all customers with a comprehensive oven guide - please contact us here for more information or if you have any questions prior to purchasing an oven.