About us

Our company - selling quality products since 1998

We are a family started company who takes pride in the products we sell.

Our specialty being outdoor cooking items, we provide extremely low priced items such as clay ovens, pizza ovens, barbecues, accessories and so on.

  • Top quality products
  • Superb customer service
  • Free UK mainland delivery

Our History

Based in the heart of Portugal, our skilled team have been making outdoor cooking products for many years.  

about cheap outdoor ovens

We are proud to have a set of highly skilled people working for us

Workmanship and end to end delivery is what makes our company get out of bed in the morning. We really strive for customer satisfaction.


Had my clay oven for over 3 years now, only complaint is I can't lose weight with all the great cooking!

Anthony from Kent

I was really impressed with the product's quality and the friendly service throughout the whole process

Inga from London

Fantastic build quality - no complaints whatsoever

Johnny from Milton Keynes